(It’s all) about me.

Originally trained as a Registered Nurse, I have since escaped the healthcare industry to operate a family-owned small business in North Carolina with my wife, two children, and a fluffy dog.

I operate several vintage and industrial sewing machines from a secure bunker on the outskirts of a nondescript town in Eastern NC, strategically located near the I-95 corridor.

I plot for the downfall of the consumer economy, where my chosen band of elite Thread Warriors will stand up and remake the world, with me as their glorious leader.   I will rule with a gentle, yet firm hand, where [attractive] women will finally be freed from the enslavement of mandatory clothing.

The doctors say I should really take my meds, but I know they are just jealous because the voices don’t talk to them.

I advise all my sycophants followers to read the book “Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money” by Vicki Robin, which will be the best $4.00 (if purchased used) they will ever spend.  From the book:

Think about it. How many people have you seen who are more alive at the end of the work day than they were at the beginning? Do we come home from our ‘making a living’ activity with more life? Do we bound through the door, refreshed and energized, ready for a great evening with the family? Where’s all the life we supposedly made at work? For many of us, isn’t the truth of it closer to ‘making a dying’? Aren’t we killing ourselves – our health, our relationships, our sense of joy and wonder – for our jobs? We are sacrificing our lives for money – but it’s happening so slowly that we barely notice….After all, if we didn’t work, what would we do with our time?

Happiness can be found in meeting your needs, but you will never be happy mindlessly chasing your wants.  Trading your valuable time alive, to earn wages to buy more “stuff”, that you’re too tired (or pissed-off) to enjoy, is stupid. (This is the core essence of “voluntary simplicity“.)

[Visit the two income trap infographic before your family pays the price.]

I believe that if just 10% of America watched these videos, and understood the concepts within, there would be politicians (and bankers) hanged from every lamppost:


Invest an hour and a half watching , and I will GUARANTEE (Double your money back!) you never look at things the same way again. 

Thank you for your rapt attention.  We now return you to your regularly-scheduled daydream, already in progress…



17 comments on “(It’s all) about me.

  1. Hey Donald,

    Real men sew, that’s for darn sure!

    I really appreciate the 1030 manual. I’m servicing one for a lady and hoping she’ll let me buy it. I’ve wanted one for a several years, but have only seen a couple that were thrown about mercilessly.

    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    🙂 Gene

  2. Thanks for the free download. I am disable and money is very tight. So I make some of my own cloth’s and stuff for the house. This help out money wise. Thanks

  3. Hey thnx for the DL. You are 1 in 1,000,000. BUT…what if the hokey pokey IS what its all about? 😉 For real, thnx!

  4. Dear Sewing Machine Guy, I came across your site while searching for a service manual for the Singer 404 Slant Needle sewing machine. Thank you so much for providing the free Swing-Needle 401, 403 & 404 manual. I have a question about the manual; the page numbers begin at 125 and go through to the last page of the Index on page 174; am I missing a lot of information in pages 1 through 124? As I mentioned I have the 404 Slant Needle machine. I also wanted to say that I really appreciate your comment concerning the eBay people, and others, who do nothing but download a free manual and then turn around and sell it for about $15.00. I received my machine just the other day when my neighbor put a bunch of things outside on the curb; I saw the case and it looked familiar so, I picked it up and sure enough it was a sewing machine, complete with the pedal but, minus the power cord. I have found two websites which seem to be extremely reasonable on their prices – the other sites are outrageous, i.e., a bobbin winder rubber wheel is about 0.30 cents on these sites and around $4.95 on other sites. By the way, the machine does in fact work – I had an old extension cord so I stripped the wires, wound the wires around the two prongs and it began to work just fine. I opened the machine and it appears to have been taken care of but, before I do anything with it, I want to purchase the oil and grease, bobbin winder wheel and various accessories to ensure a smooth running machine. I have already downloaded the Singer User manual from Singer for free ($5.95 to $9.95 from those other jerks) and I have downloaded the Singer 404 Parts List for free (it shows a total break down of the machine with every part number listed). I saw a Singer 404 Accessory Kit on eBay for around $39.95 which I was thinking of getting but I really need advice on what to buy. For instance there is the Zig Zagger attachment for $29.95 which has red buttons and is big but then there is a Zig Zagger presser foot for $2.99 – which do I get?

    I haven’t sewn in decades but due to money constraints I decided I’d rather start sewing again. I learned on my grandmother’s machine from the 1930s or 1940s. So, I started looking at machines and found by reviews and prices that the Laura Ashley machine (with the pink flowers on it) was the beast deal at $299.99 (down from around $599.99) from Amazon; so, when I found this 404 I felt I had hit the Jack-Pot! Now I just want to get all of the necessary accessories for sewing everything from cotton shirts and blue jeans to bed shams, curtains, wool, satin, lace and if possible silk. I like your demonstration on self-pleating but, I’d also like to get the pleating accessory as well. I want to be prepared for anything.

    I would appreciate any and all advice you may be able to provide. I am really looking forward to getting this 404 up and running properly. Sorry for such a long message but, I am just really excited about beginning my new endeavor in sewing. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


    John J.
    Dallas, Texas

  5. I have a computer driven machine that is the Singer 500CSII . It is a embroidery machine. I am looking for the service manual with schematics. I am looking for an open circuit somewhere that seems to be the issue. I measure source voltage across several points but need a circuit reference to see where the issue may lie to repair it.

  6. I watched your video, and while it does pander to every conspiracy theory in the book, as well as being a tad tongue in cheek and snyde, it really isn’t that far off base either. In fact, it only misses one critical point. Do yourself a favor, and look up information about when we were removed from the Gold Standard. That will fill in the blanks for you. It’s simple Econ 101 stuff once you’re wise to that.

  7. Do you have any information on changing broken spool pins on a 411g? I have my mom’s and would like to replace the broken pins. I already have new pins but getting them to stay in the flip top pattern guide piece is a challenge.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey, Mr. Sewing Dude. Thank you so much for letting me download your Singer 500A manual. My sweet little Rocketeer is going to get her light bulb fixed and I have you to thank for it!

  9. We love your willingness to share manuals. I have a collection of Service and Owner Manuals if you would like any of them I too love to share. Hey check out the book the “Good Life Lab” written by my friend Wendy Tremayne. I am one of her local producers, here on the west coast, of her non-profit org Swap-o-Rama-Rama and we encourage all to share, swap and revamp textile goods to extend their usefulness and postpone their entry into the waste stream.

  10. I just found your site – thank you so much. I’m dating a great guy who has a sailboat, so I’m getting my mom’s Singer Rocketeer (503A) out and can’t wait to use it again after 30 years. It’s in the repair shop right now getting a tuneup. I can’t locate the cams and I’m guessing they are not to be found (mom died in 1989). Is the best place to get used cams on eBay? Love that you promote sewing as a non gendered sport! Great to see. Thanks for the manuals – very much appreciated. Cynthia in Minneapolis

  11. Dear Sewing Dude, A lot of thanks goes to you. Your generosity is welcome and needed. I bought my 503A in 1962 when I graduated from high school. Have sewn literally miles on my beloved Slant-O-Matic. It has never been in a shop (I suppose should have) and still have the original light blub. Many repairs are needed, but is all surface stuff…… well a little more.

    It is hard for many to understand what the personal connection is with our machines, our friends. Discovering your site has been delightful and reasuring.

    Thanks. ( a simple word that is never big enough.)


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