3 comments on “The Vintage Singer knowledgebase:

  1. My question is about a 1750 Kenmore but I am sure the answer will be the same as for Singer.
    I just acquired this machine which had been sitting up for some time. When it was plugged in and started to run, there was a strong smell, sort of musty and electrical. Is it safe to run this machine? Should I oil it first? Do you oil the motor at all? Thanks for any help. Cecelia

    • Vintage motors, especially ones that have not been run for a while, will produce an “ozone” smell for a while when run. (This should not be confused with a sharp plastic or burning smell – which is very bad.) It is difficult to diagnose over the internet what you are smelling. You can either have someone you know take a whiff, or see if there is a local sew-n-vac shop still in business locally for advice.

      The motors were produced in Japan, and varied over time. Some had oiling points and some did not. Look for small holes (sometimes with red paint around them) where SMALL amounts of oil can be applied. Most motors did not have oil points.

      The motors are generic “sewing machine motors”, which are about $30 new on Amazon or eBay, and $10 or so used. There are literally millions of these sitting in closets everywhere, so ask around — you can probably find a donor one for free.

      • thanks so much for the prompt reply. I will get my son to check out the smell..he will know more about what kind it is. I did see the red dots by the holes on the side of the motor and will put a bit of machine oil there before trying it out…also gave the machine a good oiling per the manual. It is such a beautiful machine….sure hope it doesn’t blow up…lol..

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