62 comments on “Singer 401, 403, & 404 Service Manual

  1. i was very happy to find your site and an easy to use Manule But i still can not set the timming on the 403A do you have a u tube on just the 403 and timing or any help you can give me would be great


  2. GOD BLESS YOU!! I have been struggling with the 401 a and this repair manual helped me see how the gear that slipped off actually went on and I was able to repair it in a few minutes and I have already spent over nine hours just trying to put the one part back. This was a money-saving stress saving download!

  3. Thank you Donald, I just found you after receiving my Ebay Service Manual on a disk – but I’m STILL appreciating you! Just thought I’d leave the info for Andy Tube, a YouTuber. Of course, a lot of you people have found him, but he has a complete clean up series for the Singer 404. He takes it apart and goes through all the assemblies, each with their own video. He takes the machine apart slowly and cleans the old varnished oil and grease with Krud Cutter Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser with stain Remover, then puts ’em back together. He has a video from, Shelly, a woman who cleaned her own machine the same way. I plan to do it too to one I picked up on Craigslist last week – and it is a mess. Andy Tube’s favorite machine is the 404, but he has MANY machines that he teaches. Make sure you watch his videos as he has some guidelines upon using the Krud Cutter and he also uses Tri Flo oil with PDFE and Tri Flo synthetic Clear Grease – instead of sewing machine oil/greases. Check out Andy, he’s the greatest!

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