5 comments on “Important message for vintage sewing machine owners:

  1. I’m not sure this is the correct place to leave a message about the 401 service manual, but what the hey.

    I recently picked up an almost mint 401a at a rural antique store for $10. What a deal! And so begins my odyssey to collect feet, cams, presser stuff, and of course MANUALS. Thats where you come in. Your service manual made it possible for me reset the tension mechanism. YEA! And thank you so much for being there. Now I want to tinker with more …

    The problem is, the scanned photos are hard to work out. Would you have access to a clearer version and would it be possible to for me to get one?

    Thanks so much,

  2. Have been a machinery mechanic most of my life, lots of grease. I have a 251-12 industrial set up to sew leather, a 401 that is a dream sticher, 2 403a’s that are in excelent shape. I still look for more good units. Yep I like to sew and work on them too. thanks for providing info on the 400 series units. Right on the copy and sell point.

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