8 comments on “Singer Professional Buttonholer Manual

  1. Sewing Dude: Thanks for the manual for the Professional Buttonholer. Strange creature! Wanted to see is maybe it would fit one of my machines. I have 3 Morse machines, a 600, 4500 and 6300. Be assured I just wanted it for my own private use and I thank you very much. I’m just a poor but honest landscaper, couldn’t sell on Ebay if my life depended on it!

  2. thank you for this –my mom gave me this buttonhole maker but it had no instructions~~now i can use it without worry

  3. Thanks for posting the manual. I ‘inherited’ a vintage Golden Touch and Sew machine from a friend whose mom was a Home Ec teacher ….. all the attachments were in the cabinet, but no instruction manuals! Now I can make buttonholes with ease and confidence, and without ruining the attachment or machine!

  4. Thank you Santa! I recently obtained one of these for my 401a and there is no manual. I really really appreciate your posting these resources and hope to one day soon repay your kindness with a scanned touch and sew machine manual that came with the buttonholer as a bonus part of the auction! see that! eBay CAN sometimes be helpful! Now all I need is access to a scanner and my EVIL plan will be … semi… complete! Wah hah hah! –Adeline

  5. Thank you! My mom-in-law gave me her 404 mschine, complete except for the buttonhole manual. I’m not sure I’d have EVER figured out how to attach it! You rock! 😆

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I bought a buttonholer on eBay for my 401A but it didn’t have a manual. I really appreciate it.

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