9 comments on “Singer 293b – The unloved straight-stitcher from France.

  1. I work in our local thrift store which supports our local hospital. This machine (293B) came in and I was trying to find out some info on it. I oiled it, threaded it correctly and reversed the bobbin( it was in backwards) and it sewed perfectly. It has some chipped paint and a dirt dobbers nest on the bottom but other that that it runs great. I have not seen the portable case it is in on any pics. It has rounded edges on the top and bottom. I am not sure where to look for the serial number on it. Can I find any info on the manufacture date besides the 60’s? Can you give me any info on this machine? Any info would be appreciated.

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  3. Hello, I am a proud owner of the “heavy weight” 293b. My sisters and I created some very fetching outfits that we were not allowed to wear in public. It worked great for many years but now the tension is all screwy. Before I bring it to a shop, is there any info on how to repair and maintain this particular model?

  4. I just inherited this machine and am having a heck of a time even threading it correctly. I am ready to give up and buy my own machine. Is this a good machine to learn on?

    • It sews competent straight stitches, and is simple to operate. I would keep my eyes open for an affordable zig-zag machine as you learn on the one you have. (Even better is a unit with “stretch” stitches.)
      Kenmores from the 60s and 70s are ideal units, and are often free or low-priced from friends and LOCAL sources. (The last Kenmore 158.1780 I bought was $16 at a thrift store, in near-new condition with a full set of disks. In a cabinet!)

  5. Hi! I’m trying to research this machine and find out its capabilities. Will it sew through leather?

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