One comment on “Excuses are the only thing still “Made in America”. Vintage sewing machines reveal our past.

  1. Man, you totally get it. I began my present career as a mechanical engineer by becoming a machinist in the late 70’s. I learned to sew at 6, because I was fascinated by those intricate and finely crafted sewing machines my mother used. I personally watched the Mother of Industry die in America, and just like with my biological mother, while I held her hand.

    Now I get work and pay that my college-educated colleagues can only dream about, because I know how to actually MAKE the things I design. I’ve lectured them on the Singer company for the past few years, and actually bring one of my many machines in to illustrate from time to time. They all crowd into my prototype shop to wonder at how its possible for an engineer, or anybody for that matter that’s not Asian, to actually make something.

    My favorite machine is also a 500A Rocketeer. Just like you, my siblings and their wives were fighting over Mom’s newer machines (read “crap”), and laughed at me for loading up the Rocketeer. They, and most of the world, will never know the truth about anything.

    Really enjoyed finding your blog.


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